About us
We are a Design Agency located in Madrid, with partners in Valencia and Salzburg, and we specialize in Branding and Advertising for companies and institutions in a variety of different countries. We are not a large design agency, and what we lack in size we more than compensate in talent, creativity and dedication. We have extensive experience working for global companies and prestigious institutions; however we do not have the excessive overheads of larger agencies, due to our streamlined structure. Examples of our latest works are a packaging design for Red Bull, or an advertising campaign for the luxury watches manufacturer Frédérique Constant in Switzerland. Our clients also include: Atomic, Greenpeace, WWF, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Penguin Random House, Teatros del Canal in Madrid, Slovak National Theatre, etc. Moving into 2018, we pride ourself on providing nothing but the most captivating creative works, improving project on project, and striving for perfection every time.
Lead Team
Jose Llopis
Creative Director
He studied Graphic Design in Valencia in addition to Advertising Graphics. He cut his teeth as a design manager in a large agency with renowned clients, he speaks three languages and is currently learning his fourth.
Laura Montesinos
Project Manager
She studied Sociology at the Valencia University and Philology at the Salzburg University. She collaborated with TEDxCibeles, and she currently speaks five languages.